Here’s the Scoop

We are Euro Nation. Here to elevate your spirits and make you move up and down and side to side…And now we are inviting you to party with us!

We are a worldwide radio show playing the most energetic dance music in the world. Ever since 2013 we have strived to make you move and groove bringing you the best DJs and special guests from all around the world. We even had the likes of SASH do a special guest DJ set all the way from Germany last year. Thanks to our fans we have been able to grow exponentially and have amassed over 50,000 followers across several platforms. We air our radio shows on 5 radio stations in 4 different countries including right here in Toronto.

Party with us inside El Mocambo on August 20th

Here’s what to expect

Amazing 90s vibes

If you thought you knew 90s music, you’ve seen nothing. We’re taking you back to the days of the boy bands, bubble gum sounds and high energy dance music. After all, we’ve been playing this stuff for years on our radio broadcasts. We’ve got DJ Marky D who has mixed so many of the Much Dance compilations and DJ Storm who was a resident DJ wayyyyback  at so many Toronto nightclubs like The Docks, Joker, Whiskey Saigon & more

Music Videos

Thankfully we’ve teamed up with XTENDAMIX (www.xtendamix.com) provider of music videos for thousands of DJs around the world to help you get your video dance party in session with those fuzzy memories from the 90s.

Pure Memories

This is what it’s all about. The world is just too hectic nowadays, we wanna bring you back for one night to a decade we’re so passionate about. A time when the worst problem in our world was which studded belt to wear, that we didn’t miss the new episode of Full house, or how much we wanted that new backstreet boys CD.

Giveaways All Night

Glowsticks, T-Shirts, shot glasses, and absolute 90s memories. You bet we’re going to give away some awesome stuff to take home so when you look them down the road, it’ll bring you back to this one special night. Make sure you follow us on all socials for any special contests leading up to the party.

The Venue

It’s no secret that EL MOCAMBO is a legendary venue. In fact it’s so legendary they’ve had the Rolling Stones, U2, Pat Benatar, Marilyn Monroe, Duran Duran, Jim Carrey, & more perform. But have they ever had a 90s night? I don’t think so. We’re here to give you a historic night inside a legendary venue and we chose El Mocambo because it’s just the right size for our party. Intimate and fun!

Smile, you′re on camera

Here’s the deal. We have 50,000 followers from all over the world on our Youtube. We’re going to be streaming this insane party for the first couple of hours just to show our friends in other countries just how awesome you party. Come on down, bring your best outfit and let’s party it up 90s style.